The Hydrating Leave-On Mask Saving My Skin Right Now

August 14, 2022

I’ve always been able to combat any dehydration in my skin with a great hydrating serum and a decent moisturiser, but this year Winter has hit me hard. Maybe because I’m that smidge older and my skin is naturally drying out, or maybe it’s because I had the one-two punch of Covid-Bronchitis earlier this year which really left me feeling royally parched. Or maybe it’s purely environmental and I have this brutally cold Winter to blame. Whatever the cause, my skin has felt drier over the last few months than ever before, so I’ve been relying on overnight masks on the reg. That’s where the little, white pot of hydrating Chantecaille goodness comes in…

Chantecaille Lily and Jasmine Healing Mask

Chantecaille Lily and Jasmine Healing Mask:
It brings me physical pain to say this, because it is *such* a spendy product, but I love this little white pot so much that I’m genuinely dreading hitting the bottom of the jar. It’s almost like the clever folks at Chantecaille somehow figured out how to package a great night’s sleep. I use this hydrating mask right before bed (after doing my evening routine a few hours earlier), and I wake up with brighter, plumper, more dewy skin every single time. I got this in the Caroline Hirons x Hall of Fame kit last year, so it was effectively over 50% off, but I can confirm (unfortunately) that I see myself pipping for this at full price because my skin absolutely adores it. It contains Vitamin B5, Macadamia Oil, Evening Primrose and Jasmine Floral Extract and has a very light consistency for a cream. It almost feels like an old school ‘cold cream’ in texture, cool when applied to the skin but whipped and airy – but it’s way more effective than that. This markets itself as a rinse-off mask, but with those ingredients (and that price tag) I couldn’t bear to wipe this off after twenty minutes so I wear it overnight, applying it right before bed. My cheeks don’t feel tacky on my pillowcase, there’s not even a hint of residue left behind in the morning and I wake up with plump, hydrated skin every time, without fail.

Chantecaille Lily and Jasmine Healing Mask

Now… as much I adore the Chantecaille Lily and Jasmine Healing Mask and I’m singing it’s praises, I have been alternating between using that as my pre-bed layer of hydration and just using an extra layer of whichever moisturiser I’m loving at the time. Partly because I don’t need my skin to get too used to a daily dose of Chantecaille (insert money flying away emoji…) but also because I don’t feel like I need something quite *that* effective every, single day. Sometimes I just do my evening routine and forget about doing anything else, but if I’m feeling like I could use a little something extra I’ll go in with an extra helping of moisturiser before bed and here are a few of the ones I’ve been enjoying lately.

Chantecaille Lily and Jasmine Healing Mask

Murad Intense Recovery Cream:
As much as I love this for its intended purpose as a moisturiser cream, it’s balmy texture and nourishing ingredient list lends itself beautifully to being used as an additional layer of comforting hydration over the top of the rest of my routine. In the same way that you might apply a few drops of a facial oil at the end of your routine to seal in what’s underneath, I grab a pea-sized amount of this solid balm and warm it between my fingertips until it melts before pressing it into my skin. For me, I like to use it after my PM skincare has all soaked in as an extra layer of nourishment right before bed because it has such a lovely consistency once melted. It’s made a visible difference in the redness in my cheeks and in my overall hydration, plus a little goes a long way. I got this particular jar ages ago, but I think I’m down to my last few applications – expect to see this in an empties (and repurchased in a haul) soon! Full review HERE.

E.L.F Holy Hydration! Face Cream:
This is a fairly recent love, but it’s a really fantastic, plain cream; especially when you remember it’s only $24. I say plain as a compliment, its focus is purely on hydrating and that’s it, but it delivers what it promises. This absorbs quickly and gives my skin a dewy glow, but doesn’t feel greasy or slippery. I like to apply this as the last step in my evening skincare routine, but then also a thin layer over the top a second time a few hours later/right before bed. The one application would be ample at any other time of the year, but right now I need every bit of moisture I can get on my face.

Have you tried any of these products?

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