How To Overhaul Your Reading Routine

September 27, 2020

If you’re anything like me, you love the idea of reading (the shelf of untouched books bought with the best of intentions can attest to that) but actually finding the time to read can be difficult. This year has seen many us with a bit more downtime on our hands, but if you’re still struggling to incorporate reading into your daily routine this might help. These are the simple and practical tips and tricks that have worked for me to create solid reading habits that I’ll be sticking with long after the WFH status ceases.

Audible - The Flat Share

Mix it up. Alternate between reading a physical book in bed of an evening and listening to an Audiobook while you’re driving or exercising. If you’re used to Podcasts, Audiobooks shouldn’t be that much of a stretch, but if you’re new to the idea Audible actually offer a free book when you sign up for a trial so you can test it out. Just make sure you unsubscribe within the trial period or you’ll get slugged for the next month when you might not want it. And yes, you get to keep the freebie book even if you unsubscribe…

Sign-up for a ‘Goodreads’ accounts and set yourself a reading challenge for the year. If you’re the kind of person that gets a kick out of ticking off a ‘to-do list’ imagine the joy of the little progress bar itching closer and closer to your target. Not to mention you can have lots of different ‘shelves’ on your accounts, I have a ‘Books I Want To Buy’ collection which is great for when I get an email from a bookstore about a flash sale because I have all the books I’m interested in saved in one spot. So handy!

Goodreads Reading Challenge

Don’t always read at the same time of day. If you’re the kind of person who always reads at the end of the day when you’re at your most tired, try and alter the habit a bit and read in the morning or on your lunch break. Even just a few pages every morning will get you through that book so much quicker.

Invest in a Kindle. Not only are they great for holding hundreds of books without taking up all that shelf space, you have the added benefit of being able to instantly download a book you’ve just heard about (no more waiting for lengthy delivery times here!) and you can also download a sample of a book to give it a good test out before you buy. Not to mention the ease of reading anywhere without lugging around a bulky book. Perks galore! I bought mine years ago, but I’m almost certain it’s this one here.

Kindle screen

Try reading a few books at once. This sounds like crazy advice to give to someone who is struggling to read even one book, but having a few books on the go is something I’ve been doing for the last decade. It lets me decide what I’m in the mood for, kind of like when you flick on the telly after dinner. One night you might feel like Law and Order, the next night might be more of a Real Housewives kind of vibe. It’s genuinely something I swear by. I always have a few books on the go, right now it’s a skincare reference book, a non-fiction about the gender data gap and a Harry Potter (the nostalgia!). Covers all the moods.

Read books you enjoy. It sounds so basic, but if you’re new to establishing a reading routine, don’t start by reading a classic that you know you ‘should’ read, start with something that you can’t wait to pick up. An autobiography by an actor you love, or the book version of your favourite movie. And keep it short! Anything wider than three fingers isn’t where you want to start.


If you’re in need of some recommendations I’ve just popped up quick, little reviews of all the books I’ve read this year on my Instagram and saved them to my Stories. Very much a ‘mixed bag’ of genres and styles, but that’s what I like.

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