My Autumn Essentials

March 7, 2021

I’m about to say something pretty controversial here, I’m not a big fan of Summer. I realise it’s a really un-Australian thing to say but there, I said it. The sweltering hot weather, the skin-crisping sun, the bugs eating me alive mid-barbeque. It’s just not for me. Ideally, I’d have a week or two of mid-thirties temps and then the rest of the year would be Autumn; complete with leather boots, woolly scarves and frosty mornings. But unfortunately, that’s not the way that the seasons work, well, not in Melbourne anyway. So with Autumn arriving here, and since I know we Fall Lovers are in the minority, I thought I’d share some of my autumnal favourites to get you ‘Fall-ing’ in love with Autumn too…


Fluffy Socks:
The importance of fluffy socks requires little explanation but it’s something that despite being so basic it genuinely makes me feel so cosy and happy. I found these cheap and cheerful ones with cable-knit detailing and now they’re all I want to wear. Plus it’s scientifically proven* that it’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you’re wearing fluffy socks.
*okay, maybe not scientifically proven, but it totally stands to reason…

Hot Chocolate:
The mere thought of a hot chocolate literally gets me out of bed on these chilly mornings. I’ve kind of gone off eating breakfast lately, but a delightful mug of steaming-hot, liquid cocoa gives me something warm to hold and sip on while I tackle my inbox of a morning.

New Pajamas:
I never need an excuse to buy new pyjamas, my overflowing drawer of them can attest to that, but I do like to do an annual cull of tops that are a little too ratty or bottoms that have gotten a little too thin and replace them with a pair of un-sexy, but very snuggly, flannel sleepwear. Bonus points for plaid, they are undeniably cosier!

Hydrating Moisturiser/Facial Oil:
This time of year my skin always needs a little more love. Whether that means reaching for a facial oil a bit more regularly or swapping my light, gel moisturiser for a more indulgent and thicker cream formula. Some of my favourites to combat the change in weather (and my skin) are Murad Hydro-Dynamic Moisture, Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream and Sunday Riley Juno Oil.

Home Hoodie:
Okay, this is something I bought last year and it was a total game-changer. Normally I don’t spend quite as much time at home as I did in 2020, but having an oversized, fluff lined hoodie (with a front pocket, this is essential) stopped me from putting on my fluffy dressing gown every day as I sat at my desk. It’s hard to say no to a cosy robe, but once I pull it on all my motivation goes out the door. So my large, navy hoodie became by unofficial WFH uniform and I’m glad to say it’s getting a rerun this year. If you’re a serial dressing gown wearer during the day I can’t recommend a designated daywear, home hoodie enough!

There is no better time to curl up with a book (add in your fluffy socks and hot chocolate from above and you’ve got my dream afternoon) than when the leaves start to change, but what you need is a book that you’re really excited about so that you can get sucked right in. For me, I can’t go past a thriller at this time of year and I have a few all-time favourites, but anything dark and twisted, or set in a quiet English village or with a meddlesome granny sleuth *paging Miss Marple* is going to be perfect for this time of year. Now is not the time for those romance books set in the sunny south of France; they are just going to make you want to get on a plane to sunnier climes, and we all know that isn’t really possible right now.

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