The Three Overnight Masks My Skin Is Loving Right Now

September 12, 2021

The first time I heard about overnight masks the inner (and sometimes very verbal) sceptic in me thought ‘well isn’t that just a night cream that’s extra slow to absorb?”. Truth be told, to some degree yes, the two products often share very similar ingredients and are sometimes comparable consistencies. However, they do have a couple of key differences too. A specific night moisturiser cream is typically thicker than a daytime cream and may contain ingredients that work best when left on the skin overnight. They are formulated for daily use and are typically filled with ingredients that cater to specific skincare concerns. Whereas an overnight mask is designed to be used less often, typically they’re not part of your ‘daily routine’ and are something you reach for when your skin feels like it needs something extra. They are also usually are hydration focussed.

Overnight Sleeping Masks

Do you need an overnight mask? Absolutely not.
Are they are a nice product to have on hand for nights when your skin needs a little extra ‘oomph’? Sure.
Can you get a similar effect by applying an extra layer of a good night cream before bed? Very possibly.
But if the idea of designated overnight masks has grabbed your interest, and if you want something that is meant to layer on top of your skin that bit longer and shouldn’t give you any congestion issues, then an overnight mask might have a place on your bathroom shelf, and if so, these are the few that my skin has been loving.

Overnight Sleeping Masks

Avene Hydrance Hydrating Sleeping Mask: 118ml | $62 | $0.52 per ml
This is the newest overnight mask I’ve added to the rotation, but I’m seriously loving the consistency. It’s a very thin, watery gel texture and immediately has the traditional Avene scent you’d expect from their products; light and fresh. It applies beautifully; smooth and slippery, and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. My one note on the Avene is that thinner applications are better, for my skin anyway. The first time I used this I applied a bit too much and I could still feel it on my skin in the morning and needed to rinse it off. Not a bad thing because I wash my face in the morning regardless, but just worth noting so you don’t use excess product or give yourself any congestion issues.

Aspect Probiotic Mask: 50ml | $56.99 | $1.14 per ml
I’ve had this mask for over a year now and I still feel like I have so much left in the tube. It’s formulated as a normal mask (20 minutes on, then rinse off) or an overnight mask for ‘intensified results’, personally I didn’t get any benefits from a short application, but leaving this on overnight gives such a boost of hydration and makes my skin look dewy and healthy the next day. I find this too rich to use regularly or on consecutive nights for my combination skin, but drier skin types might benefit from using it a few times per week. For me, it’s a once in a while treatment which is probably why I’m so slow to get through the huge tube. The product itself is a thick, opaque cream, but it applies with quite a bit of slip and doesn’t dry down on the skin. It stays shiny and slippery and gives my skin a protective layer of cushioning moisture.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sleeping Mask: 10ml | $2.99 | $0.29 per ml
I’ve been using these little tubs on goodness for the longest. These come in a super handy little ‘single-use’ packs, although I get at least two applications out of each tub, and they are the perfect option for travelling (remember that thing we used to do with the luggage and the planes?…) because they take up next to no room in your bathroom bag and you don’t have to bring them home. The little plastic tub is also recyclable, which is yet another reason to buy these over a single-use sheet mask (I have a blog post here on why I’ve stopped buying them and I think you should too) and getting a couple of nights use out of them is perfect for rehydrating jet-lagged skin upon arrival. They have a thick gel consistency, making them the perfect cooling and refreshing option for Summer too and you can find them easily at chemists and supermarkets. Plus, they are the most affordable option on the list too, what’s not to love?!

So when do I use an overnight mask and when do I just use a moisturiser?
For me personally, it’s all about feel. I’ve been using overnight masks quite a bit over the last year because lockdowns are still raging on here in Australia (we are about to take over London as the ‘city with the highest number of lockdown days’, which isn’t a title anyone wants to fight for) and that means that we continue to be at home more than ever. As such, I’m still doing my PM skincare routine early in the evening (sometimes as early as 5pm – especially in Winter when it gets dark so early) so by the time I finally crawl into bed hours later, everything has well and truly soaked in and my face feels like it would be accepting of another layer of moisture. It also means that I wake up with an extra bounce in my skin and more of a dewy glow than I otherwise would have, because let’s face it, lockdown isn’t conducive to great sleep quality either. They are especially great on days when I know I haven’t drunk enough water or I’ve been out walking in the cold wind just to keep that skin barrier happy too. So for me, it all comes back to how my skin is feeling, rather than sticking to a ‘schedule’ of when to use them.

Do you use any overnight masks in your routine? How often do you find yourself reaching for them?

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