The Cosy Autumn Candles I’m Absolutely Loving Right Now

March 20, 2022

When it comes to my season of choice, I’m all about Autumn. The fuzzy socks, the mugs of hot chocolate, the tartan scarves, and every other Fall themed cliche you can possibly think of, except for when it comes to my candle choices. When it comes to home fragrances I don’t want Sweater Weather, I don’t care for Toasted Vanilla and if I ever smell another Pumpkin Spice candle it’ll be too soon. I am however here for woody, sensual, full-bodied scents that encourage endless reading sessions and cocoa drinking so here are the two I’ve found that fit that bill perfectly.

Glasshouse Sacred Heart Candle

Glasshouse Fragrances Sacred Heart
Not going to lie, it was the gorgeous, chalky ceramic vessel with glossy, burgundy lining that made me add this to my cart sight unsmelled. I thought the absolute worst-case scenario would be that I hated it in person and I’d burn it outside and have a stunning new brush holder for my troubles. Well, good news, I love the candle, and when I do finally burn through the hefty 380gm/60hr burner I’ll still have a stunning new jar to store my makeup brushes in. The wax is a rich mulberry colour and matches the opulent fragrance of smoky Incense and warming Myrrh perfectly – imagine Christmas mass in a woody forest.

Circa Amber and Sandalwood Candle

CIRCA Amber & Sandalwood
I’ve always thought that Sandalwood wasn’t for me, I blame an especially potent Sandalwood perfume that gave me a headache in a department store years ago because I’ve avoided the stuff ever since. But last year I got a mini version of this candle as a GWP and I loved it so much I went back and ordered the full-size #MarketingSucessStory. It’s sweet and spicy from the warm Amber and earthy Sandalwood, but still has an element of freshness to it, thanks to the inclusion of Orange and Vanilla. The clear glass jar has a subtle, wide fluting to the sides and will make an adorable small vase or pen cup once the 70hr burn candle has been used up. It’s not a wallflower candle, the mini I could leave on all day, but the full-size scents the room strongly after not very long at all. Strong, earthy, sensual and woody – I have never tried snow sports in my life, but this candle gives me ski lodge in Winter vibes. Think forest scenery, a crackling fireplace, hot toddy in hand – basically my cold weather dreams.

Depending on where you live, Summer scents might be higher on your wishlist right now, in which case this blogpost here might be more interesting to you.

Full transparency, candles always look their best before they’re lit, so I took these photos before I first burned them. At the time of writing, I’m currently about a quarter of the way through each. And true to form, they don’t look nearly as pretty as they do here.

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  • Kemi

    March 21, 2022 at 2:30 am

    These sound lovely!

  • Zoey

    March 20, 2022 at 10:45 pm

    We’re just coming into Spring here in the UK, although I miss Autumn a lot! It’s my favourite month. The candles sound lovely. xx

    Zoey |

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